Downloading with the help of torrent and downloading torrents itself can be a dangerous task indeed. Every single time you download with an unprotected internet connection, you are taking a huge gamble on yourself and your internet connection. You may come away without any battle scars, or you may actually expose yourself accidentally, and you may even expose any sensitive data. There may even be some malware or virus that would infect your device. I’m sure you would ask yourself if it is worth the risk. The answer is no. It is definitely no, especially if you learn how it can be really easy to torrent in a safe manner and in an anonymous manner as well. The only thing that you will need to do to torrent on your device would be to make use of a high-quality VPN.

Torrent clients will actually leave the IP address visible to all kinds of other users which will make it easy for hackers and trolls to target your particular device. The VPN will actually encrypt your internet traffic, so that nobody can actually see what you do on the internet. Your internet service provider, a hacker or even the government cannot visit your information. I feel that this is the first thing that you can do to make use of torrents in a safe way, especially in 2020.

If you accidentally download a copyrighted file, you will not receive any cease or any kinds of orders in the mail. They will not know who downloaded it. The VPN will completely encrypt your activity.

Use Of Torrents

Torrent websites actually have almost no built-in security, which makes them a huge breeding ground for all kinds of intrusive attacks, dangerous viruses and all kinds of cyber threats. It is not worth the risk at all. That is why, VPN is the best solution. Once you start downloading with the help of bit torrent, any user can actually see your IP Address when you are sharing any file. If your IP address is exposed, it will allow spice and all kinds of trolls to discover your location, monitor any browsing activity from your device to an extent, and attack your device. This is definitely some scary stuff, indeed. It is creepy that some stranger out there, can actually look at your browser history and alter your personal device, just because you made use of a torrent.


Even if you accidentally download a copyrighted file, you could be in breach of some copyright laws. It could even result in a fine, a court date or even any kind of imprisonment statement, depending on where you live. Trust me, VPNs are the way to go.